Working with categories

Assigning (multiple) categories to your products allows you to easily maintain your products and website.
It allows for a single product collection with all kind of different items.

Let's say your collection consists of 500 different items and you have a link to 'Promotions'. Now by just adding a category 'Promotion' to an item, the link will automatically show those items with a category 'Promotion', without creating a new product collection and changing links.

Managing Categories

In the product Manager (Admin > Manage Products) select your product collection and click on the field of a product with header 'Categories'

This will open the Category Master List. Here you can drag, add, rename and delete categories and category tabs and assign one ore more categories to a product.

Note that you will be warned when you delete a category that is in use (one or more of the products has that category assigned to it).
On the same line, Renaming categories also affect all products.

Automated links

Once you have assigned categories, you can link to them.

1) When editing a page, click on the link button and the Link Dialog will appear. Under the vBase tab, select a collection category using the drop down 'vBase Page'.

2) Automated navigation links: Admin > Manage Pages.

Select or make a page, give it a temporary name, and select under 'External link' the option: 'Auto-generated Links'

Now in the site's navigation, links will be generated based on the category tabs and categories.

Whether or not you want to show product counters after each link is defined in Admin > Meta data > Product Counters.


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