Managing Pages

Please note that not all functions described here may be available for your site, depending on the configuration of your site and permissions granted.

Log into your site, and choose 'Admin'. From there, click on 'Pages'

In non-advanced mode, the Page Manager can be used to

  • Add or delete pages
  • Change the titles of pages as they appear in the navigation menu
  • change the sequence and level of the navigation bar items
  • Point pages to external links

In addition, there is a drop-down selector where you can point your page to

  • One of your slide collections
  • One of your product collections or a single product
  • An email form to provide your visitors with an email inquiry form
  • A subscribe page where visitors can subscribe to an email list


In advanced mode, the Page Manager can be used to

  • 'do all things as described for the non-advanced mode
  • hide pages from the navigational structure (the page exists, but doesn't show up in the navigation bar)
  • Let pages appear in panes different then the main content pane: top, left right, bottom and a 'modal' pane. The latter is a pane floating on top of the site. show me
  • Let pages load with other pages. For example, to let the right pane shows 'Latest News' for the home page, and 'Features' for all other pages


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