Copy and Paste

Important notice: Do NOT directly copy and paste text from MS Word into the editor.

For large amounts of text, it is recommended that you first type the text in Wordpad or Notepad or another word processor program and then copy and paste it into the editing area in CKEditor. However, when you copy and paste from MS Word directly into CKEditor, it carries over the stylesheets from Word, and that could cause some problems with CKEditor’s and vBase predefined styles. Also, it takes the text much longer to load.

There are several solutions to this:

  1. You can copy and paste the text from Word into Notepad first — which strips all of the styles and turns everything into plain text — and then copy and paste from Notepad into CKEditor and apply all the styles all over again.
  2. CKEditor has a “Paste as Plain Text” button. After copying the text in Word, go to CKEditor and click the “Paste as Plain Text” button, and a window pops up. Paste the text into this popup window and hit “OK”, and the text will be pasted into wherever your cursor is as “Normal” text.
  3. CKEditor also has a “Paste from Word” option. It’s the button with a clipboard and the Word icon. Click this button and you get a popup window. Copy and paste from Word into this window.



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