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vBase Features

Built-in Editor

Edit your web content on the fly, with a powerful built-in WYSIWYG inline-editor. vBase uses the popular CKEditor. CKEditor is an open-source HTML editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. Try a demo here.


Image Manipulation

Upload your logos and pictures directly from your computer and edit them easily. Even better, one size fits all! No need to create separate thumbnail images, the built-in image resizer will show the images in the size you want them to be.


All images are from the same size and render in high quality. Click on them to see how it works.



Slideshow Manager

Manage your images into collections with the slide show manager. Upload images and add whole directories at once. These collections can be shown on a page as a gallery of pictures. Clicking on them will bring up a bigger picture.

You can even allow site users to 'tag' images. In that case they will be prompted to register with your site, if they haven't done so already. Images are searchable on their caption and on their tags.

Click here for an example of a slide show (with tags)



Rotating images

Insert 'rotating' (alternating) images in your pages, as easy as you would put in a normal picture. Just select 'rotating images' in the 'image properties' dialog in de editor, select an image collection (see above) as the source of the image, and show the images at whatever size you want!






  • Disqus Integration

Disqus (pronounce Discuss) is the web’s most popular discussion system. It allows people to comment on articles, share thoughts, upload pictures and many things more.
Turn your website in a social platform with a few clicks!
Every page (if you wish) in your website can have a discussion section on the bottom of the page.
More about Disqus

How to integrate Disqus on your vBase site


Want to sell something on-line? vBase comes with a built-in shopping cart. Use the Product Manager to generate product pages automatically. It's very similar to the Slide Show Manager: upload the images, write the description, set the price and you are e-commerce enabled! vBase currently supports PayPal, Google Checkout, Mal's Ecommerce and email checkout.

Show e-commerce websiteCheck out this link for a sample e-commerce website


Click here for an example of a product page
or buy a single product (no worries, we won't charge you!): 


Paperclip magnet,
$ 12.95 buy now!


Email list manager

Let users subscribe to an email list and send, as a site owner, emails to everybody in the list, straight from your vBase site. It supports attachments and has the possibility for the receivers to unsubscribe at any time.




Add pages and navigation

Add pages on the fly and add them to your site navigation with the captions you choose.



Built-in Calendar

vBase integrates seamlessly with an on-line calendar and scheduling solution. When logged in, it allows you to create entries, drag and drop them or copy them to another date. Check an example here.



User management

Add users to maintain your website but be in charge of their privileges based on their credentials.







Login protected features
Create 'private' pages. These pages (and navigation to them) are only visible for logged in users with certain login privileges. Also product collections and slide galleries can be set to private. You can log in to this site with name guest and password guest to find a protected link under 'contact information'. link



Track changes

Keep track of alterations to your site in a log of changes.





Edit meta data

You can change your site's title, description and keywords and the text for confirmation of a sent email. This is also the place for extra code like Google Analytics, or code for example of StatCounter.






Backup and restore

You can make copies of your pages which may be used to restore the original after unintended changes to your site.






Health Check

A one-button health check for your site.
Check broken links and broken images.





Guest Book / blog

Let users leave their comments on your site or discuss topics. Or use it as a blog. You can set up moderation methods, like whether they need to register, or published after review  etc. See an example here



Fast and light-weight

Using a mixture of server side page rendering and cross-platform AJAX, the sites render quickly in any browser. This means that your site can be easily and quickly viewed in any browser.



Search Engine Friendly

Generally search engines have difficulty reading JavaScript. However, with vBase sites, the pages will still render and each page has a site-map so that search engines will be able to see all of your site.


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