It's such a joy to see my two-year old having so much fun. I sometimes wonder, who has more pleasure, she, or me, just watching it!


Elisa Wagner, Florida

Straight from the factory!

We specialize in making embroidered kids toys. Our number one product-line is a series of educational 'interactive' toys, made out of embroidered fabric in the form of a book that can be closed with a zipper. It contains pages with detachable objects, either by Velcro, pockets or buttons, good for hours of enjoyment, while combining play with learning.




It's the Ludlum for todlers, hard to put it down and a definite page turner. Two thumbs up!


Pieter Janssen, the Netherlands










Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, our modern air-conditioned factory is equipped with state-of-the-art  embroidery machines. From start to finish we pride ourselves on offering a personal and professional approach to our staff and customers.

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