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We are the sole distributors for WineNew Collection. WineNew Collection is a range of quality wines from the important wine producing countries in the world.

Our aim is to, by cutting out middle men and operating shops, to bring quality wines to your doorstep for extreme affordable prices. We are not shy of delivering a single bottle to your house.

Wine, this beautiful product which has been around, as evidence suggests, for over 8000 years on our planet, is a truly amazing complex concoction of fermented grapes, natural and simple in it's basic form, but utterly compound in taste and textures. A whole library can be filled with books describing and explaining wines. The bottom line might well be that wine is probably the most beautiful drink around.

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water"
Galileo Galilei

While wine consumption in Vietnam is still relatively low as compared to Hong Kong, Japan. China, Korea, and Taiwan, more and more Vietnamese are making the discovery that this beautiful product fits their taste buts as well as anybody else. The sheer enjoyment of sipping this red or white gold, while relaxing from a hard day's work, or accompanying a delicious meal, make many realize that they have been missing out on something.

The good new is, that it is never too late to start enjoying wine. Although selecting wines can be a tedious process, we try to help you by offering a selection which certainly will satisfy your taste. Our Wine experts try to arrange a balanced and rich selection of quality wines where you can chose from .



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